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Our mental health professionals are here to guide you through your journey. Since 2020, the need for therapy has grown exponentially. Now more than ever people are seeing a therapist to help them find mental clarity. Some therapists will not meet in person to avoid contact with Covid 19, and as a response our therapists have morphed to a hybrid model of in-person and telehealth so they can continue to help their clients. Nevertheless, we have an extensive roster of therapists who can help you overcome the challenges you face and find solace. Ultimately, you are our focus, and we will be here to help you.

Our Mission

Self-improvement and enhancing one's quality of life is a constant endeavor. Studies on human nature dictate that the mind always desires to improve upon the situation that one is in. For some, that could be mitigating anxiety symptoms, while for others, it's learning how to navigate their ADHD. Treatment for getting over the hurdles of one's mental health issues can seem non-existent. However, our mission is to connect our clients with a therapist that can best assist them with their mental health concerns and provide them with treatment. Our licensed counselors will walk alongside you and access whatever fear, trauma, or grief you face. After all, knowing the source of your illness, whether it is a chronic illness or acute, is the first step in developing the tools to combat mental illness.

How We Can Help

A mental health professional at our therapy center has extensive experience both in practice and in research. Like most therapists, ours have experience working with a myriad of patients ranging from adolescents to families. We utilize a plethora of treatment methods for helping individuals combat mental illness. When you arrive at our clinic, you will be greeted warmly and with respect. During your first appointment, you and your therapist will sit down and go in depth with what you are experiencing. As your therapist learns more about you, they will devise a treatment plan to help you overcome the challenges you face. You will not feel alone during your journey as our counselors will be walking alongside you the entire time.

Maria Powell

I am a Masters’ Level Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist.

Terry Strong

I am a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience

Nichole Stark

I offer a non-judgmental, listening ear to anyone who needs to talk.

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